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5 must-sees in Frederiksberg

Its huge gardens, its beautiful, long boulevard and stylish atmosphere mean that Frederiksberg is always worth a visit. Frederiksberg boasts a wealth of charming, cosy cafés, tempting stylish shops, not to mention museums and activities for everyone. Give your laughter muscles a bit of exercise, shiver underground, pat a goat or travel back in time.
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Laughter at Revymuseet
At Revymuseet, sound and film clips allow you to experience a whole range of Danish variety stars in some of their best numbers: Dirch Passer as a Russian clown, Marguerite Viby singing ‘Før vi fik bil’ [Eng. Before We Had A Car], Kellerdirk with ‘Tømmerflåden’ [Eng. The Raft], Ryg & Kaas, Buster Larsen with ‘Lorteland’ [Eng. Poo Land], Klyderne, Søs & Kirsten and many more. The Revue Museum is the most modern museum in Europe for variety and entertainment. The museum tells the story of Danish entertainment from early revue shows at Casinoteatret in Copenhagen in 1850 to the present day and the stand-up comics, who now dominate the stage.

Underground in the Cisterns
Today The Cisterns are a very special exhibition venue, but once upon a time they were a reservoir constructed by the Copenhagen Water Authority. In 1996, when Copenhagen was the European City of Culture, the Cisterns were put to use as an exhibition space on the initiative of Frederiksberg Municipality and gallery-owner Max Seidenfaden, who between 2001 and 2013 ran the Cisterns as the Museum of Contemporary Glass Art. Today the Cisterns are part of Frederiksberg’s museums. They provide the setting for both art exhibitions and various events, all of which are inspired by the architecture of the venue and its unique climate.

Fun facts about the Cisterns:
- The humidity in the air is constantly around 100%
- The temperature in the Cisterns has been measured as fluctuating between 16ºC in August and 4ºC in February, with an average of about 8.8ºC for the whole period
- The Cisterns measure 4,320 m2
- They are 4.2 metres high, with a maximum water level of 3.7 metres and a volume of about 16 million litres of water.

Roars, quacks and pet goats
Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest existing zoos in Europe. The beautiful gardens contain a wealth of exotic, beautiful, loud, cackling, brightly coloured, gentle and fluffy animals on land, in water and in the air. There are also pet goats, face painting, and places to eat. It is a brilliant place to spend a day, both for children and adults. 

Time travel
The Bakkehus Museum of Literary and Cultural History is installed in the apartment, where the couple Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek from 1802 to their respective deaths in 1829 and 1830. The museum provides a vivid impression of the private home, which was frequented by many major writers, artists and scientists of the Golden Age period, and which combined trends from the Age of Enlightenment and Romanticism. The atmosphere of the home has been maintained in a harmony between ambience and authenticity.

Quirky lines
Storm P. was a personality, who more than anyone embodied Danish humour and self-understanding in the 20th century. At Storm P. Museum you can see his endless, daily comic strips where he depicted life in a way that made him part of Denmark’s identity and cultural heritage. Storm P.’s works are about being human, and how we act in relation to one another. The museum paints a picture of a unique Danish artist, who, even today, can inspire us to take a fresh look both at ourselves and at the society around us.

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