Autumn break adventures with the family

Embark on a fun and colourful autumn break with the entire family, in and around Copenhagen. Art, animals, and architecture is there for the taking.
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spend a day in Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales
This autumn break, the Princess on the Pea and other memorable characters from Andersen’s delightful fairytales come alive at the Open Air Museum. Every day from the 15th until the 22nd of October, 11am-3pm, the museum offers a smorgasbord of enchanting activities for the entire family. Say hi to Clumsy Hans, go on a ride in the horse carriage, watch a short play, and set out on the self-guided tour “Once Upon a Time There Was a Boy”, which makes seven stops in Hans Christian Andersen’s own childhood. Meanwhile, the parents can visit old houses and farms on this 40-hectare museum marvel.

City struck and LEGO blocks
On the 13th of October DAC opens its final major exhibition “City Struck” before moving into its new home in 2018. This architecture photography exhibition examines how the city influences its inhabitants and vice versa. The engaging photographs grant you the inspiration you will need in the LEGO Architect workshop to build a replica of your favourite building. The workshop focuses on beloved buildings and looks at how we can share them with the world around us, just like the exhibition. Workshops commence Saturday the 14th of October and run until Sunday the 22nd.

We go the gallery: Families in art
Throughout the autumn school break, the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) hosts a series of family activities in alignment with their current exhibition “Gillian Wearing – Family Stories”. Tour the renowned British artist’s poignant stories about familial relations, take part in a family dance session, build a sculpture in the children’s workshop, or enjoy a cosy dinner together at the gallery in stunning surroundings. Pssst: SMK’s location calls for a stroll through the Botanical Gardens or a visit to the neighbouring Hirschsprung Collection with its superlative collection of Danish paintings and sculptures.

Brave new world at Copenhagen Zoo
Mamma rhino is pregnant! Her rhinoceros calf is likely to enter the world during this the holidays. This autumn is also a new beginning for a young and beautiful zebra stallion who is freshly arrived in Copenhagen ZOO from Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands. Don’t miss visiting the predator enclosures with the zookeeper and seeing the polar bears working out under water. It is also possible to book a close encounter with the Tasmanian devils, and as always you can watch some of the many feeding sessions with penguins, black-capped squirrel monkeys, birds, otters, and other fun-loving creatures.


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Denise Rose Hansen