Building Beauty Beyond City Limits

Denmark has a rich tradition of innovative architecture dating back to the Viking ages. In modern times, Danish architects have earned global prestige for marvels like Jørn Utzon’s iconic Sydney Opera House and Johann Otto von Spreckelsen’s Grande Arche in Paris. Just beyond Copenhagen’s borders, stunning museums offer memorable day trips.
Monday, July 31, 2017

A modern Danish classic

What better way to start an architectural tour than with an architect’s house? At the art museum Ordrupgaard, you can get to know Finn Juhl intimately by visiting the house he built for his family in 1942. An architect known for his furniture design, Juhl revolutionized modern Danish design from the 1930s through the 1960s and laid the groundwork for the worldwide success of Danish furniture today. His sleek designs might even inspire you to redecorate some rooms in your home.

Fishing for a fresh look

Near Copenhagen Airport is the National Aquarium, also known as Den Blå Planet. Reopened in 2013, the National Aquarium feels like you’re entering a whirlpool of local and exotic sea creatures. Inside this award-winning building, you can even get up close and personal with adorable sea otters or fierce sharks by joining experiences led by the animal keepers.  

At one with nature

Built in the 1950s, the architects of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art took inspiration from both the wooden houses of San Francisco and the simplicity of Japanese architecture to create a Danish modern design classic that reflects “coherence and gentleness” in a bucolic location on the waterfront of Humblebæk, north of Copenhagen. Starting October 10, visit the special exhibition “Being There” featuring video works, sculptures and installations exploring the human condition.

An underground surprise

Venture to Elsinore, home of Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle, and follow the old dry dock down to the underground Maritime Museum of Denmark. Almost invisible from a distance, the museum, shaped like a ship, sits on what was once the most significant and modern shipyards of the late 1800s. Inside, you can explore Denmark’s rich history as a seafaring nation and experience the life of a sailor throughout the ages.

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