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Copenhagen for Kids

Copenhagen is packed with kids and the city is safe and child-friendly, with more and more young families choosing to stay in town, making Copenhagen and its surroundings increasingly rich on activities for kids - and we all know that if our kids are happy, we’re happy! The following highlights will guide you to places where both children and their parents will be well entertained.
Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Copenhagen has lots of nice playgrounds hiding in between apartment buildings and everyday life. Some of these playgrounds have been treated with a little extra love and care in the form of the creative touch of contemporary Danish artists. It’s great to enjoy your children playing while having something interesting to look at, at the same time. Take a peep at the sculptural playground at Nikolaj Plads, in the heart of Copenhagen, designed by artist duo Randi & Katrine, or the playground that looks like a crazy, red living room at Østre Anlæg behind The National Gallery (SMK), made by artist Nina Saunders, or visit the colourful playground at Balders Plads on Nørrebro, designed by artist Tanja Rau, or the sculptural playground at Blågårds Plads, also Nørrebro, designed by artist Eva Steen Christensen.

Denmark and Scandinavia are known for their Vikings. At the spectacular Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you can spend hours with both the original preserved vessels, kept inside the Viking Ship Hall, as well as authentic replicas available outside on the waters of Roskilde fjord. Apart from the magnificent ships themselves, the museum presents the fascinating story of the Nordic Vikings, easily captivating both kids and adults. There are
plenty of activities and workshops and daily family tours. Visit the boatyard, meet the boat-builders and see their tools. Try your hand at Viking Age crafts, make food like the Vikings or dress up and train to be a Viking warrior or learn to write your names in runic letters.


With the exhibition The Brain at Experimentarium City in Copenhagen, visitors are offered a wide range of experiments and activities designed to pull the brain out of familiar routines and challenge it to do a mental workout! Take the test and see how good your memory is, and how well you are able to concentrate without getting distracted. Discover whether your senses actually fool you by manipulating your brain. Step onto the bridge that leads through the tunnel and feel how it wobbles beneath your feet, or does it? Families visiting Experimentarium City are guaranteed plenty of laughs and games, while learning something new about the brain at the same time.

Right next to Experimentarium City you’ll find Copenhagen’s new and popular covered market, Copenhagen Street Food. In this authentic raw old factory building, 33 different street kitchens and food trucks from countries all around the globe are lined up, offering every kind of food imaginable from all over the planet. It’s very informal and relaxed, with tables, chairs and benches free to use, inside and out. There is plenty of room for children to roam, and if the food should somehow end up elsewhere than in the kids’ mouths, don’t worry, because you’re more or less outside and there are no table cloths. While enjoying your foods and beverages, you may like to look across the view of the water front at some of the exciting newer architecture built there in recent years.

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Article by

Anne-Sofie Stampe

Illustrated by

 Sine Jensen