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Copenhagen literature

Whether you are into the great classics, hilarious comics or have a weakness for fantastic tales, the museums in Copenhagen and the vicinity are offering loads of intriguing experiences. The museums are overflowing with good stories about the literates and in the exhibitions you can get a hold of anything from your favourite novelist’s favourite trinket to first editions of his or hers greatest works.
Monday, May 4, 2015

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The characterful authoresses
At The Museum of National History at Frederiksberg Castle you can study the autobiography “Jammers Minde” written by Christian 4.’s favourite daughter, Leonora Christina. She was imprisoned in the infamous Blue Tower for twenty-two years, where she around 1674 initiated the work which is today counted among the most important works of the Danish baroque. At the museum there are also exhibited paintings of Leonora Christina and several of her personal belongings.

Another central lady can be encountered at The Karen Blixen Museum, which contains about everything worth knowing about the storyteller, Karen Blixen. The museum is done out in Blixen’s own childhood home, Rungstedlund, and as a guest you can wander around in the drawing rooms, which look just like they did when Blixen lived there. Get inspired by Blixen’s own book collection, read her childhood poems and see first editions of her immortal works. You can also take a stroll in the grand park where you can study the old beech trees or visit Blixen’s burial place which lies at the foot of Ewald’s Hill.

From broody philosophy to satirical anarchism
One of Blixen’s inspirational figures was the world renowned existential philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, whose belongings you can examine at the Museum of Copenhagen. Here you can see Kierkegaard’s writing desk and the engagement ring which tells of his painful love relationship with Regine Olsen. Despite the break between those two, Regine was on Kierkegaard’s mind for life and the relationship came to play an important role in Kierkegaard’s writings.

Are you into literature in the easier but not less considerable branch, then you ought to visit the Storm P. Museum. Here you can gain insight in the satirical and socio-critical multi-artist’s life and not least a good laugh about his quirky comics and strips.

The blooming spiritual life of the golden age
Are you of the romantic sort: do as Oehlenschläger and B.S. Ingemann – allow yourself a visit with Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek at The Bakkehus Museum, which is a historic house museum in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen. Mr. and Mrs. Rahbek were both part of the literary venue of the Danish golden age, and you can smell out the intellectual atmosphere in the corner room, where Kamma used to fold her boxes and conversed with her guests or in the working room, where Knud scribbled, translated and edited.

Literature on the scene
The link between theatre and literature is indissoluble, and this is the very reason you should visit the The Theatre Museum in the Court Theatre, where the story of the development of the Danish theatre from the 17th century to this day is recounted. The museum has changing exhibitions but rest assured – there are always stories of prominent theatre personalities such as Holberg and Ibsen. At the museum you can study costumes, posters and manuscripts from the theatre scene’s most successful performances.

The Author’s scene and virtual museum
The Royal Library - The Black Diamond has exhibitions with literary themes together with an International Author’s Scene where you get to experience the big stars.


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