The Danish Hunting and Forestry Museum

At The Danish Hunting and Forestry Museum you hear the story of the Danish hunters and the museum present not only historical objects and stuffed animals, but also a wealth of activities and invite children and their parents to feel, taste and experience nature up close.

A walk in the woods - and in history
We have all been in the forest and seen or heard animals among the trees. A visit to the Danish Hunting and Forestry Museum allows you to get acquainted with the forest and its animals.

From crossbows to modern firearms
Learn more about the evolution the Danes have gone through the last 15,000 years living in and with nature. Due to Denmark’s excessive forestry history, the museum's exhibitions show ancient hunting tools from crossbows to modern firearms and a collection of deformed animals from the forest. You can also see the world's oldest, wild, stuffed animals from the 1600s and a fir tree, which was higher than the Round Tower. The museum is housed in the monumental baroque stables and barn buildings which originally were a part of the now demolished Hirschholm Castle. It presents one of the finest collections of objects from the ordinary hunter's life.

Try out forestry
The Danish Hunting and Forestry Museum invites children to try life as a forester or a hunter. They can dress as real lumberjacks’, try a Ferguson tractor or learn the difference between the various animal furs. Keep an eye on the museum's program for activities. During the spring and holiday seasons there are lots of activities for children and their parents. The museum's nature guides provide new knowledge about forestry and hunting, and you get the opportunity to explore all of nature's curiosities.

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Practical information

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The Danish Hunting and Forestry Museum
Folehavevej 15
2970 Hørsholm
Telephone: +45 45 86 05 72
E-mail: The Danish Hunting and Forestry Museum

Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM
Monday closed
Special opening hours during holidays and school holidays
(Closed 23-25 and 31 December and 1 January)

Adults 70 DKK
Seniors 50 DKK
Children under 18 years free
Wednesday free admission