The Danish Museum of Science and Technology

Discover the history of modern Denmark and the technological changes over the last centuries which now have become a natural part of everyday life: electricity, sanitation, bikes, cars, airplanes, computers, phones, television and much more.

Experiences the force!
The Danish Museum of Science and Technology is a paradise for curious children and adults.

Everyday engineering marvels
At the museum you can experience the development of modern technology. Much has changed over the last 100 years. And many of the things that grandparents grew up with, is completely unknown to their grandchildren like the typewriter or black and white television.  In the exhibition you can find Denmark's first car and the first computer. Some of the machines at the museum still work and at times this is demonstrated.

From airship to jet fighter
The museum's exhibition halls shows more than 100 years of transportation history represented by trains, bicycles, cars, motorcycles and airplanes. Here you can see the amazing story of the airplane's invention and breakthrough from the first myths and dreams of flight more than 100 years ago till it became a reality in the inter-war period. You can go into the big airliner and sit in a real fighter jet. In a 3D showcase an old aircraft is awakened to life again, and you can see Denmark's first airliner from 1920 on digital wings.

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Practical Information


The Danish Museum of Science and Technology
Fabriksvej 25
3000 Elsinore
Telephone: + 45 49 22 26 11
E-mail: The Danish Museum of Science and Technology

Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM
Closed on Mondays (except during the school holidays)

Adults 80 DKK
Seniors and students 70 DKK
Groups 70 DKK
Children under 18 free