The Danish Police Museum

Visit The Danish Police Museum at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and dive into the Danish police exciting and eventful history from the corps formation until today.

In Copenhagen there's an old police station from 1884. Over time, the old Station 6 has housed arrested persons, the station managers and unmarried officers who lived in the house big apartment. Today the building is the setting for The Danish Police Museum. The museum is the only one in the country describing the history of the police force.

Visitors get a unique insight into a number of criminal cases and the museum also gives an impression of how the Danish police have handled different types of crime and detection methods, as well as presenting a number of Denmark's most renowned criminals.

The museum regularly has various special exhibitions there all are based on police work.

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Practical informations

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The Danish Police Museum
Fælledvej 20
2200 Copenhagen N
Telephone: + 45 40 32 58 88
E-mail: The Danish Police Museum

Opening hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

Adults 50 DKK
Children under 18 free