The Danish Scout Museum

The Danish Scout Museum opens up the history of scouting, scouts' lives and their very special equipment.

A life full of scouting
The Danish Scout Museum is located in an old naval building from the 1800s surrounded by beautiful canals. The Danish Scout Association was founded in 1909 when Englishman Robert Baden-Powell's ideas about outdoor life reached Denmark.

Get your very own tour
The Danish Scout Museum offers a very special personal tour. The entire museum staff is current or former scouts, and they are happy to guide both children and adults around the museum to talk about the exhibited objects and scout life. Here you can also learn all about the Scouts Volunteer blood donors who started with about 50 members, and which today is a nationwide organization with more than 200,000 donors.

See Queen Ingrid’s uniform and much more
Among the museum's treasures is Queen Ingrid’s scout uniform that is made as a cross between different uniforms, so that Her Majesty would be the patron of both the green and blue Girl Scouts. In addition, the exhibition offers a rare emblem from the first scout in Denmark.

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Practical information


The Danish Scout Museum
Arsenalvej 10
1436 Copenhagen K
Telephone: +45 32 64 00 59
E-mail: The Scouting Museum

Opening Hours
Thursday 2 PM - 5 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 3 PM
May - September open on Wednesdays 5 PM - 8 PM
July only open on Wednesdays
Closed in December and January