Den Blå Planet - National Aquarium Denmark

The National Aquarium Denmark (Den Blå Planet, Danmarks Akvarium) is Northern Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium.

Combining stunning architecture, a unique location and an exceptional cultural experience the aquarium offers the chance to see some of the world's most fascinating animal species up close.

The aquarium opened on March 22nd 2013 and has already become a landmark for Copenhagen and the Öresund Region. The aim is to rank among Denmark’s top 5 attractions.

The aquarium endeavours to inspire guests to care for our beautiful blue planet. This is achieved by exhibiting spectacular and interesting animals, through compelling storytelling and infotainment and by providing an all-encompassing experience that plays on all senses. The aquarium caters to all ages, offering both the short bursts of adrenaline and lingering afterthought.

Visit another world
The aquarium is located by the sea in Kastrup Harbour, just 15 minutes south of Copenhagen centre. The building is inspired by the spiraling patterns in nature – whirlpools, schools of fish, weather patterns and spiraling galaxies.

Covered in aluminum shingles, the outside of the building reflects the sky and the sea. Inside the aquarium, the curved and organic architecture elegantly showcases life in cold and warm waters, saltwater as well as freshwater.  

Upon entering the building you feel as if you are drawn into a giant whirlpool and “drawn” under the surface of the water and into another world. Sound and images are combined and used to introduce the atmosphere of being submerged under water – visiting a strange and fascinating world.

Just as the flow of water is dynamic, the building is designed to be flexible and dynamic and the lines of the spiral design can be continued in future expansions.

Quick Facts
- Largest aquarium in Northern Europe. Building: 9.700 m2. Outside area: 4.700 m2.
- Spectacular architecture and a new landmark for the region
- 48 aquariums and habitats with 7 million liters of water
- Get close to the animals through spectacular feedings and fun activities for the whole family
- The largest aquarium is the Ocean Tank containing 4.1 million liters of saltwater. Here hammer head sharks and other tropical fish can be experienced through the 16 x 8 meter panorama window or from a tunnel.
- Saltwater is pumped directly from the sea through 1.6 km long pipes supplying the aquariums with water and cooling the building
- Located near Copenhagen centrum and neighbor to Copenhagen Airport

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Practical information


Den Blå Planet - National Aquarium Denmark
Jacob Fortlingsvej 1
2770 Kastrup
Telephone: + 45 44 22 22 44
Email: Den Blå Planet - National Aquarium Denmark

Opening hours
Open 365 days a year.
Monday 10 am – 9 pm.
Tuesday-Sunday 10 am – 5 pm.

Adult (from age 12) 170 DKK
Child (age 3 – 11) 95 DKK

Annual pass
Adult (from age 12) 365 DKK
Child (age 3 – 11) 275 DKK
Senior (retired/disabled) 335 DKK