Denmark for dreamers

Denmark has a rich history and is a country with many different avenues to explore. These five museums allow guests to embrace their own creativity while learning more about various aspects of Danish history and enduring impacts.
Friday, September 25, 2015

Envision the possibilities at the Danish Architecture Centre
Think about what you enjoy about Danish construction and the things that make architectural spaces usable. The exhibit Groundbreaking Construction – 100 Danish Breakthroughs that Changed the World, opening on October 9th at the Danish Architecture Centre, will give you ample opportunity to appreciate the developments of pioneering Danish architects and engineers.

Notice the simple things at Designmuseum Danmark
How has Danish design produced everyday items that are simple yet elegant? Which shapes do Danish designers use? What processes do designers undertake to complete a project and develop their skills? Get answers to all these questions and a couple more when you visit Designmuseum Danmark.

Learn about Danish history at the National Museum of Denmark
Discover how Danes lived during the Viking age, explore a pre-modern Danish home, and much more. The National Museum of Denmark’s collection offers an expansive survey of Danish history: the good, the bad, and the in-between. Also be sure to visit The White Buses before January 2016, an exhibition about evacuations from World War II concentration camps.

Time travel 100 years back at Mosede Fort, Danmark 1914-18
Mosede Fort is about life in Denmark—a neutral country—during World War I. Engaging elements throughout the exhibit allow you to listen in on phone calls, make speeches and visit soldiers’ barracks. If the sun is shining, be sure to stop by the beach in Greve Strand.

Have a laugh or two at the Storm P. Museum
Robert Storm Petersen was a Danish humorist and the Storm P. Museum keeps his legacy alive. Here, you can enjoy Storm P.’s cartoons and learn more about him. In addition, the current PLAY exhibit allows you to have fun with different types of games based on Play, Laboratory, Art and Yourself. Your version of reality will surely be disoriented if you play the Oculus Rift game.


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