Elværket - Museum North Zealand

"Elværket" on Frederiksgade 11 is an old power station from 1909.

The building, which is an experience in itself, is very well preserved, and won in 2010 the prize "house of the year" in Hillerød. Elværket is centrally located only a few minutes’ walk from the pedestrian street.

Large turbines that provided the citizens of Hillerød with electricity stood in the big central hall, now used for temporary exhibitions. In 2015, the exhibition "The daughters of Freja and Eve" opened in the occasion of 100 years of women's rights to vote at the elections in Denmark.

The exhibition offers an exciting time travel back to the Stone Age 7,500 years ago. We follow in glimpse the developments up through ancient and medieval to modern times, where women's acquisition of the right to vote in 1915 represents a milestone. The struggle of women over the last 100 years to achieve equality also affects in the exhibition.

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Practical information


Elværket - Museum North Zealand
Frederiksgade 11
3400 Hillerød
Telefon: +45 72 17 02 40
E-mail: Elværket

Opening hours
Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 13-16
Wednesday 13-21
Saturday-Sunday 11-16

Adult 25 DKK
Children under 18 free
Friday: free admission