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Whispering breezes, reddening leaves and shortening queues makes fall an ideal season to experience Copenhagen. With the last lashings of warm weather behind us, it’s time to kiss summer goodbye and embrace the coziness of fall. And what better way to spend it, than in one of the many exiting museums in and near Copenhagen? Gather your family and use the autumn break exploring the abundance of cultural activities for all ages.
Monday, September 5, 2016

The path to gold
Treasure hunt for curious children and young hearts. The year was 1667, when the prominent Italian alchemist Burrhi visited Frederik III at the old Copenhagen Castle.  Frederik III was dreaming about pure gold, but there was one big problem to it. Burrhis recipe for gold was written in codes - and parts of it had even gone missing. So grab your map and help Frederik III decrypt the recipe, on a genuine treasure hunt in the corridors below Christiansborg Palace. In addition, there will also be dramatized tales about Christian VII, tours in the Royal stables and a lot more. 
Christiansborg Slot, 10-18 October.

In track of the royals
Frederiksborg Castle has found their inspiration among the Royals, when deciding on this year’s autumn theme. Danish kings and queens during the 17th Century will be the frame for a track play throughout the museum. In the audience room, children can try out how it was to visit an absolute monarch. At first, there will be instructions on how to behave – then you meet the real ‘King’. When visiting Frederiksborg Castle, it is worth noticing their beautiful garden. Bring your lunch or a good book - which better opportunity to strike those last beams of sun – perhaps it will be in order to read, a bit about Christian VII, in Per Olov Enquists ‘Livlægens Besøg’ (‘The Royal Physician’s Visit’)? 
Frederiksborg Castle, 10-18 October.

Visit a historical market
No autumn without a visit to the historical market at The Open Air Museum. There is celebration on the menu, when they embrace the reddish season! From 16-23 October there will be filled with impersonators, pickpockets, hillbillies, clowns, barrel organ players, jugglers not to forget air swings, wheel of fortune, carousel - and a whole lot more! Should the hunger turn up, then visit the food tent, where there will be sold delights - such as gingerbread, crispy waffles, delicious sausages and ‘smørrebrød’ (open sandwich). The activities will take place from 11 to 15. The program for the holiday will be available later in the season right here.
The Open Air Museum, 16-23 October.

Water, colour and movement
Grab the pallet! This holiday you are painting - with brushes, water guns and soap bubbles. SMK’s workshop for children is truly bringing colors to life, with its roots in the seasonal exhibition “Volatile moments – Drawing by Auguste Rodin”. Let you and your children be inspired by Rodin’s immortalized moments of models in motion and try afterwards to make your own drawings with water and colour. SMK’s house artist will help and guide you through the imagination. Recommended age is +3 years. Price 30 DKK + Day ticket.
SMK, National Gallery of Denmark, 15-23 October. 



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