Family fun in Denmark

Denmark is not shy of introducing innovative ideas to the world, with everything from the distinguishable Danish design to LEGO to scientific discoveries. Participate in the following activities with your family and welcome them to a world of wonder and creativity! Your children will undoubtedly be inspired to find their inner artist, designer or scientist.
Monday, October 5, 2015

Storytelling through art at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)
It’s never too early to encourage children to take an interest in art! The National Gallery of Denmark has a free board game that allows children to create stories inspired by the artworks in the permanent exhibition European Art 1300-1800. SMK also has Sundays for Kids, a creative workshop for families to build pieces of art together held every first Sunday of the month. There are also guided tours specialized for children that you can end with a relaxing meal at the café.

Design workshops at Designmuseum Danmark
Designmuseum Danmark contains some of the world’s best collections of furniture design. Sketch some fashion designs or build your own chairs! Every Sunday from 1pm to 4pm, there are family hands-on workshops inspired by the current exhibitions. Beginning in October, the Learning From Japan exhibition will open to begin conversation about how Danish design is influenced by other cultures. There is a café as well connected to a beautiful library that is open to the public.

Creative construction at Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
If your children are into LEGO building,  Danish Architecture Centre is known for holding interactive exhibits that appeal to your architectural vision. In October, DAC will be featuring an exhibition called Groundbreaking Construction – 100 Danish Breakthroughs that Changed the World. Afterwards, your kids will undoubtedly become more immersed into their surroundings when exploring the beautiful architecture Denmark contains. After visiting DAC, take a scenic stroll along Christianshavns Kanal which is also near the Royal Danish Naval Museum (Orlogsmuseet).

Explore science in Experimentarium City
A 10-minute walk from DAC will take you to the world of science and curiosity that is Experimentarium City. There are three main exhibitions running this season: The Brain, Pulse, and Inventions. The Brain invites you to individually test the abilities of your mind through memory challenges and visual illusions. If you’d much rather play together with your family, you can enter Pulse, which has physical games requiring participation and teamwork. Afterwards, end your visit by learning about proud Danish contributions to the world through Inventions. Physical activity will definitely leave you feeling hungry, so treat your family to a delicious and cheap meal at Copenhagen Street Food also located in Paper Island (Papirøen).

Relive the stone age in Sagnlandet Lejre, or Land of Legends
To experience a sense of escape and immersion into the world of the Stone Age, look no further than the Land of Legends, Sagnlandet Lejre! Learn how to create pottery, throw a spear, shoot a bow and arrow, and explore a recreated history park through GPS missions and audio tour guides. This throwback is only about an hour away from Copenhagen through public transportation. When you purchase your pass, it will be valid for visits throughout the remainder of the year.


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Marjorie Ann Cuerdo