Five activities for your winter break

Enjoy wild animals, fables, colours and Danish history during this winter break. Copenhagen Museums and Attractions has collected five festive activities for the whole family.
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Zoo – a winter time out in the cold
Nordic and Arctic animals feel right at home when the temperature starts to drop and at Copenhagen Zoo you can enjoy the cold weather with polar bears, seals, musk oxen, reindeer and snow owls.
Visit a Sami tent and learn what it’s like to live in the harsh polar climate, sit by the fire, create pretty bead bracelets and learn to throw a lasso like a real Sami. Watch blocks of ice turn into beautiful sculptures, listen to exciting stories from expeditions to Greenland and find the most romantic spots in the Zoo on Valentine’s Day. You’ll feel right at home with all the other winter animals.

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Find and create your own mythical animals at The David Collection
The David Collection spans several centuries, starting in the 7th and ending in the 20th, and several countries and continents from Europe to China and the Middle East. The collection of Islamic Art is renowned and exquisite.
During the winter break you can search for birds, mythical creatures, gold, rubies and diamonds on free guided tours through the collection and create your own mythical animals in an open workshop.The grey winter skies will seem like a distant memory as you enter a world of wild wonder and beauty.

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The Glyptotek  – ancient worlds, riddles and colours
Winter break at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is for curious kids and grown-ups who want to join in the fun. Chase riddles among fabulous sculptures, explore the origin of colours in the artwork and apply them to peculiar creatures and courageous heroes. The Glyptotek is a museum of Danish and French art from the 19th century and of ancient cultures of the Mediterranean. The winter garden is lush and green and the café serves the prettiest and sweetest cakes you can imagine.

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History, portraits and lights
Frederiksborg Castle has housed the Museum of National History since 1878 and as you move through the gilded halls you’ll see the many portraits of kings, queens, noblemen and women.
During the winter break children of all ages can explore the painted portraits in the Portrait Workshop and learn how to see and depict another person. On Saturday the 18th of February the museum will keep its doors open well into the evening, inviting visitors to party like it’s the 1600-hundreds. Taste the food, enjoy the fashions, listen to the music and join the torchlight procession through the Baroque gardens.
It’ll be like travelling through time.

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Working hard at Kronborg Castle
The calendar reads 1658. The enemy is edging closer, ready to conquer. Only a small group of brave soldiers is still left to defend the proud Kronborg CastleIf you are between seven and twelve years old you could be one of those courageous soldiers, fighting from the casemates deep below the castle. Learn how to march in single line, fight with a sword and, last but not least, fire a canon! It was a tough life. Even if you were just a kid, the son or daughter of servants, growing up in the castle 400 years ago. Learn what it was like to work and only play rarely. Borrow a historical costume and tour the castle with the cook or the kitchen help. You’ll learn a lot and maybe at the end of the day be grateful for the fact that you live in 2017.

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