Go Nordic!

That Nordic feeling is something special: The cool, toned-down colours, the strict yet organic shapes of design icons, and the freshness of locally produced vegetables and meat on the restaurant menus. This guide shows you where to find that Nordic expression in art, design, and food.

Cool Hammershøi
The artist Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916) is world-renowned for his interior paintings. Though calm and peaceful, his interiors also hold great intensity. Hammershøi’s paintings are exhibited at both Ordrupgaard and The David Collection. At Ordrupgaard, some of Hammershøi’s best and most famous paintings are on display. The exhibition At Home with Hammershøi shows his exploration of his apartment in Strandgade 30. This is also where the back of his wife Ida came to play an important role in Hammershøi’s art.

Danish Design Now
The 1950s designers such as Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen, and Arne Jacobsen made Danish design world-famous, but contemporary designers don’t just follow in their footsteps. They have invented their own tradition and style placing Danish design in the top of the League once again. Designmuseum Danmark’s brand new permanent exhibition Danish Design Now opens March 2016 and shows contemporary Danish design from furniture and product design, to graphic design and fashion.

Nordic cuisine
The Nordic feeling is also to be witnessed at several restaurants focusing on local produce. Noma made Nordic cuisine famous, and ever since it is almost impossible to book a table there. But do not fret: Nordic food can be experienced elsewhere. Try Manfreds, Geranium, Kadeau, Höst, Relæ or AOC.

City swim
The free spirit of Scandinavians and the clean water in the harbour are a perfect match. Topless sunbathing isn’t a rare thing to see, though the youngsters of contemporary Denmark are more bashful than their parents. Amager Strandpark is a beach within the city, offering sand between the toes, kayaking, wakeboarding, etc. From 15 May to 15 September, you can go for a swim in the centre of Copenhagen.

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Anne-Sofie Stampe