The Hermitage

Dramatic hunts on sweaty horses and delightful banquets in the countryside. The Hermitage tells the exciting story of the royal hunts in Dyrehaven.

The royal hunting lodge was built far from the court in Copenhagen as a leisure palace where the king could host private hunting lunches. At the Hermitage you can easily imagine the sweaty horses and barking dogs of the time, learn about the history of the palace up until today and enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Wild hunts
The Hermitage Palace was built in the period 1734-1736 by the Court Architect Laurids Thura, as a hunting lodge for King Christian VI. At that time Dyrehaven was ‘zoned’ as a Royal area for par force hunting, where the Royal hunting party, on horseback and with hounds, chased a large red deer stag for many hours until it was totally exhausted. Then the King or one of his privileged guests killed it with a hunting knife called a hirschfænger (stag-catcher).

Dining Hall with an Elevator Table
Everything was done in the finest manner and with the finest materials as the king ordered the decoration of the palace. Especially the heart of the palace – the dining hall. The style is Baroque and the room shines with beautiful colors, marble, gold and mirrors. The room still has the splendor of that time, as the palace has been thoroughly renovated in 2013. Christian VI had an elevator table installed which could be raised and lowered in a shaft between the kitchen in the basement and the dining hall on the prestigious floor up in the lodge. In this way the King could eat undisturbed en eremitage (in solitude) with his guests without being interrupted by servants and waiters. The function of the table thus gave its name to the palace, but the table itself has long since disappeared.

A Royal Hunting Lodge
The function of the Hermitage Palace as a Royal hunting lodge has been preserved to the present day, although the Royal Family no longer rides headlong to hounds through the forest. The Hermitage is at the disposal of HM The Queen, who today uses it for official lunches.

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