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Most people know Frederiksborg Castle, but few know of the city that surrounds the castle. The old town of Hillerød grew around the hunting lodge that King Frederik 2 built in 1560, and it is this story that is told at Hillerød Museum.

The castle in the village
It is the story of a small medieval village that became a royal residence city. The old village has physically completely disappeared, but the town's thriving spirit can still be felt in the popular and historic town north of Copenhagen.

A city
At Jægerbakken or in English Hunters Hill you find the best view of Frederiksborg Castle. Here, many artists have painted the ornate castle. It was this castle, which was the starting point of Hillerød. Before King Frederik 2 bought the former manor house in 1560 and built Frederiksborg, Hillerød was just a small village from the early Middle Ages. In the early 1600s, King Christian 4, who was born at Frederiksborg Castle, converted the building to the Renaissance castle we know today. As the castle stood, the city's trade and commerce grew, but the castle burned in 1859. Fortunately the railroad came to Hillerød five years later in 1864, after which the trade and industry blossomed.

Graphic Museum
In the basement of the museum you find the Graphic Museum. Every Wednesday you can meet typesetters who tell their story of the life of a printer. Jægerbakken is open from May to October and invite both adults and children for a day of historical experiences in the scenic areas around Frederiksborg Castle.

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Practical information


Hillerød City Museum & the Graphic Museum
Helsingørsgade 65
3400 Hillerød
Telephone: 72 17 02 40
Email: Hillerød Museum & the Graphic Museum

Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10 AM - 3 PM

Adults 25 DKK
Children under 18 years free