Museum of Copenhagen

Museum of Copenhagen moves from Vesterbrogade to Stormgade in a couple of years. The exhibitions at Vesterbrogade 59 are closed until the museum reopens.

The Museum of Copenhagen is housed in one of the beautiful mansions from the 1700's. Through a variety of thematic exhibitions you can dive into the last 300 years of the Danish capital's history and experience exhibitions about Copenhagen's diverse cultures and metropolitan development and conflicts.

The new location in Stormgade 18, close to other museums and cultural institutions, will bring about new opportunities for co-creation and cooperation. The new museum will collaborate with the surrounding museums and cultural institutions to create relevant exhibitions and activities that will strengthen Museum of Copenhagen’s goal – access for all and knowledge of the city’s cultural heritage.

Until we open again you can visit THE WALL at Dantes Plads. The WALL is a 12 meter long interactive outdoor multitouch screen that allows you to explore a big picture universe and evoke the Copenhagen of the past and present. 

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Museum of Copenhagen

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Closed until 2017