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Museums along the coast

The North East Zealand coast has a wealth of museums. A trip along the coast offers fields, sea and forest, and cultural experiences on every conceivable scale. Head for the coast and follow the coastline from Copenhagen in a northerly direction. In no time at all you are out of the city and, with the huge, exclusive houses on one side and the Øresund on the other, you can sit back and enjoy the ride along the Strandvejen coastal road.
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Head south to the north
The first stop on this stretch of coast is the Nivaagaard Malerisamling, located in a beautiful natural setting with fields on all sides and very close to the water. Here you can immerse yourself in a unique collection of paintings, ranging from the Italian Renaissance and Dutch Baroque periods (16th and 17th centuries) to the art of the Danish Golden Age (19th century).

Historic farming and eatery
Drive a little further north and you will reach Espergærde and the Flynderupgård Museum, which presents rural culture and the cultural landscape outside the city and the history of the lives and customs of peasant farmers and fishermen. The museum has a beautiful location between forestland and cultivated fields, through which the Egebækken stream winds its way. Flynderupgård resembles a small manor house with its crenellated main building. Since the early 19th century the farm has been a hobby farm owned by the people of the town. As part of the farm there is an open-air cultural centre with historical agriculture and a historical eatery. The main building houses permanent exhibitions, and there is an old grocer’s shop and a North Zealand peasant farmer’s living room.

Bip-bop Robot
Before we arrive in Elsinore we take a left turn slightly inland, so we can also include a visit to the Danish Museum of Science and Technology. Discover the history of modern Denmark and the technological changes, which, over the last centuries, have become a natural part of our everyday lives: electricity, sewage, bikes, cars, aeroplanes, computers, telephones, televisions and lots more. You can also see the special exhibition, Robot, which tells the story of how it all started in the late 18th century with the Jacquard loom, which could replace the weavers, making production more streamlined and cheaper. Then came the assembly line and industrial robots became part of everyday working life in the 20th century, while, at the dawn of the 21st  century, robots are also sneaking into our living rooms.

A little time travel
We have arrived in Elsinore, where the salt water sprays and the wind whistles. Skibsklarerergaarden has a view of the Øresund. It presents Elsinore’s first major period of prosperity, the period of the “Sound Dues”. 91 Strandgade is Elsinore’s best-preserved merchant’s and ship supplies yard, dating from the period of the Sound Dues. A visit to the building is like going back 150 years in time. The building dates from the 16th century, but acquired its present form in 1780 and the decades that followed. Since then it has remained virtually unchanged until the present day. On the ground floor are the shop and the skipper’s room, while on the main floor is the distinguished ship’s supplier’s house.

Good old Gilleleje
The last stop on the route is the northernmost point of Zealand. This is the location of the North Zealand Museum in Gilleleje. But just before we arrive there, we have to visit the Lighthouse Museum at Nakkehoved, which presents the history of the Lighthouse Authority from the time of King Frederik II in the 16th century to today’s automatic lighthouses. The museum has a beautiful, natural setting and offers a great opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and a fantastic view of the sea. And then we arrive at our last stop: the North Zealand Museum in Gilleleje. The museum houses exhibitions about life in Gilleleje and the surrounding area through the ages. There is a classroom as it would have looked from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. You can also visit the Idorn cobbler’s shop, the old Th. Jacobsen drapery shop, the Sisters Bastrup haberdashers and Ole Andersen’s old barbershop, all of which tell the story of Gilleleje as a service and commercial town.

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