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Museums and picnics

Copenhagen and surroundings is full of great museums and green spots for picnic.
Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Essentials for the picnic hamper: Glasses. Juice. Chilled white wine. Paper plates. Sausage rolls. Meatballs. Salad. Cheese. Bread. Grapes. Red chequered tablecloth. Sunscreen. And it’s off to the countryside to enjoy the flowers, the soft grass and the warm weather. Join us on a trip to a museum - lovely picnic included.

Pheasant on a bonfire
Hørsholm Palace Gardens are stunningly beautiful with the vast park, shiny lakes and the elegant, white church in the centre. It is an obvious place to lay your red chequered tablecloth and enjoy a glass of something cold.

Adjacent to the palace gardens is the Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry, where you can see one of Europe’s finest collections of objects associated with hunting, and learn how Danes have made their living from, and lived in the countryside over the last 14,000/15,000 years.

The Museum’s collection also includes a range of decoys and a wealth of stuffed animals, which nature has failed. They are plagued by deformities, abnormalities and diseases and look pretty peculiar. In July you can practise archery, go climbing, and skin pheasants. Of course you can eat them too, grilled over a bonfire.

A shelter from rain and sun
Right next to the Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry is the Hørsholm Regional Museum, which specialises in archaeology and cultural history. The museum’s particular areas of research are the Mesolithic Age, Hirschholm Palace, Struenssee and 19th century agricultural history.

Almost like a back garden to both the Hørsholm Regional Museum and the Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry are the forest of Folehaveskoven and Rungsted Hegn, where the dense trees offer some cool relief on a hot summer’s day or shelter from the summer showers, which can often come as a bit of a surprise.

Lunch as in the Golden Age
With the National Gallery of Denmark on one side and the Hirschsprung Collection on the other, you find the park of Østre Anlæg. This refuge conceals abundant gardens, a playground and narrow, overgrown gravel paths. Here you can relax amidst the scent of roses after a visit to the Hirschsprung Collection, which contains Golden Age drawings by Eckersberg, Købke and Lundbye and 100 years of art by Danish masters such as P.S. Krøyer, Anna and Michael Anker, and Hammershøi.

A delightful picnic lunch in Østre Anlæg will probably resemble something out of the idyllic landscape paintings you have just seen. When the paper plates are cleared up and the plastic cups are empty, then it is time for a visit to the National Gallery of Denmark with its collection of French art from the early 20th century, Danish and Nordic art from 1750 to 1900, and European art dating right back to the 14th century.

Experiences in the oasis
Frederiksberg Park is like a giant green oasis, surrounded by a number of fun, exciting museums both large and small, and other places offering lots of things to see and do. The Park offers tons of room for picnics and fun and games. It is a great place to play Kubb and giant Pick-a-Stick and to enjoy a picnic hamper full of goodies.

On one side of the main entrance to Frederiksberg Park is the Storm P Museum, which is currently packed with the entire Rasmus Klump universe. On the other side you'll find Revymuseet, where fantastic show-biz personalities live on in their crazy feather boas and flashy sequins.  At the opposite corner of the Park is Copenhagen Zoo, which is a total oasis in itself.

Workers and a flowers
At The Workers’ Museum you can witness everyday life in the 1950s. You can visit the Sørensen family, who moved to Copenhagen in 1885, and learn about the history of factory work. Then it is time for chocolate biscuit cake and Rich’s coffee (substitute coffee) in the coffee bar. A mere stone’s throw away is the Botanical Garden, which offers endlessly new impressions among its fragrant, blossoming trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs. There is room for picnics, and there is a café in front of the beautiful old greenhouse overlooking the garden.

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