Museums for kids

The museums burst with activities, fun and contemplation for the youngest. And what better to do with the kids when it’s freezing outside than to play with art, design, history and clowneries?

The Children's Museum
At The National Museum of Denmark kids have their own museum where they can play their way through history. In the exhibition “Grandma's Wardrobe” they can try on dresses from when grandma was as little girl. The Children’s Museum also has a 6.5-metre-long viking ship, and the children get to clamber on board and imagine they are sailing into the world of the Vikings. And there are many more activities to explore. The Children’s Museum is suitable for kids aged up to 12.

Designer kids
Let the creativity lose and join a family workshop at Designmuseum Danmark. Every Sunday you and your kids can experience the museum’s current exhibitions in a hands-on kind of way. In the Design Studio you design small objects and bring it home after your visit. In March the workshop invites families to build and design fans and chairs and during Easter holidays you might find colored feathers and eggs. Remember to bring cash!

Though this exhibition is not explicitly for kids it will definitely be a great experience for the entire family. The museum Cisternerne lies under the ground at Søndermarken just opposite the road from Copenhagen Zoo. The point of departure for the art installation by artist Eva Koch is the belief in life and growth despite the terror, wars and destruction of today’s world. The theme of the exhibition might be a little rough for children, but this might be the perfect place to talk about some of the difficult things in life.

Big, red nose and a hat
If your family feels in a silly mood why not go all the way and become clowns or circus artists? The Circus Museum in Hvidovre just outside Copenhagen is both a museum and a circus school, and every Sunday from 11am-12.30pm you can join Circus Fun, where the whole family can try different circus props and disciplines such as trapeze, juggling and acrobatics. There is a professional circus artist available if you need some coaching. Most of the props that are used during the Circus Fun sessions can be purchased in the museum’s shop so the fun can continue at home.

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Anne-Sofie Stampe