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My Museum: Rasmus Kofoed

Rasmus Kofoed is a professional chef and owner of the restaurant, Geranium. In 2010 he won a Gold Medal at the European Chefs’ Championship and in 2011 won a Gold Medal in the Bocuse d’Or. Rasmus Kofoed uses art museums as a source of inspiration for his cooking and has made a fruit salad based on a Pop Art painting of Marilyn Monroe.
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

- “In my childhood home there was a poster of a work by the artist, Morten Flyverbom. It portrayed a Volkswagen Beetle covered with grass, and I was fascinated by all the green. Flyverbom has also exhibited at Louisiana, so the poster was actually my first acquaintance with the museum. Since then I have visited Louisiana many times. The park is almost the best bit. I particularly love the installations and sculptures and enjoy exploring and getting a sense of structures. I also work a lot with structures in my cooking, whether with a red cabbage or a carrot, so these beautiful images are an enormous source of inspiration. I have always wanted to touch works of art, when I am in museum, and actually I can’t stop myself…

- “The first time I visited AROS in Aarhus, I became fascinated by a particular Pop Art painting. I can’t remember the artist’s name, but it depicts Marilyn Monroe and some parrots in garish colours. It has a beautifully synthetic expression and a real “POW” factor. A few years ago I was involved in an event at the museum, where they had invited a number of chefs to explore the question: Can food be art? Funnily enough, my assignment was to create a dish that reflected the very picture I had noticed a couple of years earlier. It became a synthetic fruit salad, in which I used sugar syrup to make the fruits completely shiny and crystal clear, so they resembled plastic. It was a really fun assignment to be faced with.

- “The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is a magnificent building. It looks a bit like a robot fish with scales and with a tin roof that glistens and reflects light. On the occasions I have been there, there has been sunshine and a blue sky. As with Louisiana, I am particularly fascinated by the area around the museum. At night, in the large pool in front of the building, there are flames, while the metallic balloon roses by the American artist Jeff Koons just lie there and sparkle. There is also a fun installation with holes in the ground, where water suddenly spurts up randomly and you get soaking wet. My little daughter thinks it’s hilarious.”

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