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The Vedbæk Finds - Rudersdal Museums

At Rudersdal Museums’ antiquity department The Vedbæk Finds, you get knowledge about life in the Stone Age.

Hunter in the Stone Age
Meet the hunters, and discover the area around Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen as it was 7000 years ago. The museum is located in scenic surroundings and offers exciting experiences for both children and adults of all ages.

Archaeological finds from prehistoric Denmark
The permanent exhibition "Vedbæk Finds - hunters 7000 years ago" you can experience exceptional archaeological finds from prehistoric Denmark. The exhibition's main attraction is the hunter people's unique graves that were found when Vedbæk School was built. In one of the graves is a small, newborn infant buried on a swan's wing next to his mother.

Hunter's lives 
The exhibition gives you an insight into what it was like to live as hunters and fishermen approx. 7000 years ago. In a series of natural sceneries you can experience how nature around Vedbæk looked back then. You move through different seasons of the wilderness with Mesolithic plants and animals.

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Practical information


Vedbæk Finds, Rudersdal Museums
Attemosevej 170
2840 Holte
Telephone: +45 45 80 63 63
E-mail: The Vedbæk Finds

Openings hours
Tuesday - Friday 12 - 4 PM
Saturday - Sunday 12 - 5 PM
Monday closed

Adults 30 DKK
Pensioners/students 15 DKK
Children under 18 free