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The North Atlantic territory is not only the home of stunning nature and wildlife, the countries are also combined by a deep, unifying cultural heritage, tangling together Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and The Faroe Islands. This month it’s time to go on-board on an arctic cruise, taking you back and forth in and along the history of art, fishing ... and of course, Vikings.
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Say it with ice
On February the 27th it’s officially the international polar bear day. To honour the occasion, there will be tons of ice at the Copenhagen Zoo for the fluffy white inhabitants of Greenland to indulge in. This is a perfect opportunity to first handedly experience polar bears dive in, play with and cool off in its natural element. We promise, it does not go down quietly! You can see for yourself right here, how much they enjoyed themselves last time! The load of ice will arrive at the big teddies’ home at 11.30 o’clock – so be ready!

Copenhagen Zoo. February 27. 2017. 11.30 o’clock. You can read more about the polar bears and the activity right here.

Let there be light
The Scandinavian winter is a dark and rather gloomy affaire. However there is always light at the end of the tunnel – in this case; Northern lights. The North Atlantic House celebrates the mystery and myths of the magical phenomena of Northern lights with a special exhibition of a collection of historic books and graphic representations. For centuries, these alluring lights have shaped stories and ideas about nature, culture and life in northenmost areas of the globe, becoming an iconic symbol of the fascinating, unexplained and inaccessible North.

North Atlantic House. February 11th - April 30th 2017. Learn more here

Sea your food
Get in close and personal with the animals of the Northern lakes and seas at Northern Europe’s largest aquarium The Blue Planet. Meet the vain Northern sea otter, who spends a great deal of time grooming its fur, the colourful parrot of the North, the Atlantic Puffin and many more. From this February a new largescale food-project is launched at the aquarium and is planned to continue for 2 years. The living kitchen is an interactive kitchen, giving you the possibility to play your way to more knowledge about the health benefits of eating fish, sustainable fishing and awareness of the dangers of overfishing. The project is nationwide initiative.

Old Nordic: Scandinavian art
Time for a bit of art. At The National Gallery of Denmark the permanent exhibition ’Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900’ takes you on a journey through 150 years of Northern art history. From the birth of Danish painting through the famous Golden Age of Danish art to the dawn of Modernism.
The major features of Danish and Nordic art are unfolded in a display that features both an historic overview and special themes of immediate relevance to contemporary life, while also focusing on artists of particular importance. At the same time, this display casts light on some of the more overlooked chapters in the history of Danish art.

The National Gallery of Denmark. Read more about the exhibition here. And get a virtual teaser right here.

The Vikings’ wake
In 1962 the remains of five old Viking ships emerged from the mud at Roskilde Fjord. It was these five ships that made the framework for the museum, why they’re also a large part of the exhibitions at The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. Vikings indeed made their mark in Denmark, before they went out to conquer the rest of the North. The museum’s permanent exhibition provides a look behind the scenes, with a long history of rebuilding the ships and learning how to sail and live like the Vikings. This winter holiday you can dine like a one when the museum’s restaurant invites you on a new Nordic Viking brunch buffet. From Saturday 11th – Sunday 26th you can indulge in Nordic cheese, Icelandic Skyr and Norwegian salmon like a proper hungry Viking returned from a bloody expedition.     

Viking Ship Museum. Read more about the exhibition here.

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