Easter Holiday at the Museums

When the signs of warmer temperatures and brighter days begin to feel like a dream of spring, it also means that Easter is just around the corner. The splendor of blooming flowers, birds’ chirping and longer days of sunshine are the heralds of spring that Danes have been longing for. Between snowdrop flowers (vintergækker), snowdrop letters (gækkebreve), egg painting and traditional Easter lunches, it is a must to bike in this radiant weather and visit some of the museums and attractions that host events to mark the annual celebration. Catch a glimpse of the Viking boat collections launch, learn how to master sand drawing, listen to the story of Easter and ultimately go egg hunting among aquariums.
Friday, March 24, 2017

Easter Magic at the Castle
Do you fancy the idea of sensing the Easter atmosphere like a royal at the Nordic Versailles? Take a cultural trip to Frederiksborg Castle which is set on the edge of a lake and encircled by a baroque garden, demonstrating that even nature has to bend to a royalty’s will. Apart from panoramic boat tours and breathtaking walks, this Easter holiday you can exclusively admire the tapestry tablecloths and a momentous tulip decoration, dating back to 1600s. The palatial castle has install a range of workshops and activities for children dedicated to the childhood of the famous Danish King, Christian IV.  They will certainly feel part of the royal family during Renaissance period as children will be given the chance to write with feather and ink, make colour drawings and dress up in gowns and costumes similar to the members’ of the court. Last but not least, the young ones will be rewarded if helping the Easter bunny to find the missing words in his snowdrop letter (gækkebreve).
Frederiksborg Castle, 8th April - 17th April. Learn more here.

Draw like a Viking
The Viking Ship Museum allows you to explore the world of the Nordic ancestors as depicted in history books. Half an hour from Copenhagen and located closely to the waterfront, the museum houses the remains of five Viking ships and tells the story of their discovery in the waters of Roskilde. If you consider yourself a true Viking fan, prepare for a visit at the museum and join forces with other visitors and volunteers to help in the much-awaited launch of the impressive 30-metre-long-warship, The Sea Stallion. The museum also offers the opportunity to experience sailing in a reconstructed Viking ship, however you would have to wait until the 1st May. In the meantime, grab your friends or children on the same date as the launch and learn how to release your creativity in sand drawings, inspired by the Vikings' travels and ornamentation. Partner up with the artist Helle Hove and contribute to the gradually developing installation of sand drawings which will be on display in the Viking Ship Hall.
Launch of boat collection, The Viking Ship Museum, 8th April. Learn more here.
Sand drawing, The Viking Ship Museum, 8th April - 17th April. Learn more here.

Old Fashioned Easter Food
Are you keen on discovering the Danish old traditions of the Easter celebration? Arriving at The Open Air Museum, you will feel like the time machine is not just a myth as the museum’s living exhibition is showing the life conditions and culture from the 17th until the middle of the 20th century. The authentic atmosphere reproduced over the 86 acres of land will make it easier to imagine yourself transported back in time. This museum is the place to be if you want to discover the story behind Easter food from Maundy Thursday until Easter Day on Monday. Cabbage soup cooked with mutton or pork, flour porridge, hard-boiled eggs and omelet eaten in a busy, but festive atmosphere were an irreplaceable part of the Danish Easter holiday.  Come and quench your thirst of knowledge and hunger for traditional Danish cuisine!
The Open Air Museum, 13th April - 17th April. Learn more here.

A Planet of Fun for Children
The whirlpool-shaped Blue Planet in Copenhagen offers plenty of space to wander around with your friends or family as it is the largest aquarium in Europe. Giving visitors the feeling of being underwater, the Ocean Tank, Amazonas and Coral Reef, will excite your senses and make you forget that you are located inside the Danish capital. The Easter Holiday at The National Aquarium of Denmark (a.k.a. The Blue Planet) is all about children: an interactive egg hunt among the aquariums which is aimed at both entertaining the young segment, but also teaching them about the various aquatic species, a ‘gækkebreve’ workshop and a storytelling game. We hope to see each otter soon
The National Aquarium of Denmark, 8th April - 12th April. Learn more here

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