Go East: Asian Art in Copenhagen

The holidays are over and cold northern winds are piercing through our winter coats, making cheeks turn red and noses run. What better time for letting your mind wander towards warmer and more exotic parts of the world? Museums in Copenhagen guides you through the inspirational oriental exhibitions of this gray and gloomy season. From colorful paintings of geishas and blossoming cherry trees to virtual reality cosplay; there are plenty of reasons to stay indoors in the comfy warmth of the museums.
Friday, January 13, 2017

A Window to China

The artist Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) stands among the giants of American art. His work incorporated “everyday life” into pictures, sculptures, paintings and collages and made him one of the pioneers towards the pop art movement that radically transformed Western art and in particular American art from the 1950’s onwards. With the two series, Studies for Chinese Summerhall (images taken during Rauschenberg’s first trip to China) and the graphic series, The Lotus Series (the last completed body of work from 2008) this exhibition at the beautiful art gallery of Gl. Holtegaard examines Rauschenberg’s immense artistic interest in China as well as his understanding of art as a potential platform for intercultural dialogue. 
Window to China. Gl. Holtegaard, Exhibition period: 20th January – 17th April 2017. Learn more here.

Japanese Forms and Figures  

Design Museum Denmark celebrates its 125-year’s anniversary. From the beginning, the museum has had a strong focus on Japanese design as inspiration for Danish art and industrial design. Exquisite Japanese applied art added an extraordinary boost to Danish arts and crafts around the turn of the century. The fascination stayed through the 20th century and today the connection between Japanese and Danish design is still vigorous. The exhibition will present the museum’s world-class Japanese collection as well as Danish handicrafts, design, posters and graphic art with inspiration from Japan.
Learning from Japan. Design Museum Denmark, Exhibition period: 8th October 2015 – 25th September 2017. Learn more here.

Comic Relief

Always wanted to try out green hair? Now you have the chance without actually having to dye your hair. Cosplayer! – Manga Youth is a new permanent exhibition at The National Museum of Denmark about the groundbreaking phenomena Cosplay, a colorful and playful Japanese subculture, that is slowly but surely spreading to the rest of the world. This exhibition shows how Japanese popular culture is created, shaped and recreated across physical and visual boundaries between Japan and Denmark. Cosplay is originally a shortened form of ‘costume play’ – recreating characters from manga, anime and video games. At The National Museum of Denmark you can try the only Purikura (Japanese photo booth) in the country and meet Danish cosplayers. Come play!
Cosplayer! – Manga Youth. The National Museum of Denmark, Permanent exhibition. Tuesday. – Sunday 10-17. Learn more here.

Going Japanomanic!

If you can’t get enough of the Japan feeling, you have to go to The National Gallery of Denmark this winter. Exotic geishas, new ways of depicting nature and rarefied aesthetics. Encountering Japanese art changes the European art scene in the second half of the nineteenth century, and the widespread enthusiasm for all things Japanese also makes itself felt in Nordic art. Blossoming cherry trees, studies of birds and flowers and snow-capped Mount Fuij in the background. This special exhibition at The National Gallery of Denmark tells the story of the advent of Japonisme through works by artists such as Edvard Munch, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Anna Ancher, L.A. Ring, Van Gogh, Albert Edelfelt and Claude Monet.
Japanomania 1875 – 1918The National Gallery of Denmark, Exhibition period: 19th January -23rd April 2017. Learn more here.


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