Kroppedal Museum

Kroppedal Museum in Vestskoven (the western woods) links the past with the present, providing an experience that will leave you starry eyed – quite literally.

The museum, which describes both the ancient and more recent history of the Vestegn (the Westbank of Copenhagen), also covers the history of Danish astronomy and the famous Danish astronomer Ole Rømer. In the special temporary exhibition ‘99xVSTGN’, you can explore 15,000 years of the Vestegn’s history. And just a few hundred metres from the museum, Kroppedal is currently building the world’s longest Viking bridge and road using various implements and methods that will increase our knowledge of the Vestegn’s Vikings and history of the landscape.

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Practical information

Kroppedal Museum
Kroppedals Allé 3
2630 Taastrup
Email: Kroppedal Museum
Tlf: 43303000

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday 12-16
Monday closed

Adults 50 kr
Under 18 free