Let’s go outside

Summer is here. If we should be so lucky to have the sun out and the temperature up, a trip to the museum might not come first to mind. Luckily some museums thrive outside. Take a trip under the sea together with The Øresund Aquarium, travel in time at The Open Air Museum and Esrum Abbey, and explore World War 1 first hand.
Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Under the surface
Just next to the sea in Helsingør you’ll find The Øresund Aquarium. It’s a small, but beautiful saltwater aquarium focusing on the animals living in Øresund. You can explore octopuses, fishes and crabs in the tanks inside and let your hands dive into the touch basin. Or why not grab a fishing net, go crab fishing, go snorkelling or hop on board a motor boat and try spotting the small whale; a porpoise, out in the sea.

Outdoor time travel
When you enter The Open Air Museum you have instantly travelled centuries back in time. Stroll along the gravel roads and visit the fully-furnished homes of the people of the past, such as the peasant, the wealthy miller, the village weaver or the inmates of the poorhouse. This fascinating time warp is one of the largest and oldest open air museums in the world. Right now the gardens are in full bloom, the geese’s eggs are hatched and the horse-carriage is ready to roll.

Treasure hunting on the ramparts
You are a recruit! Are you ready to prove that you have what it takes to become a soldier? Every Saturday and Sunday in June you can go treasure hunting dressed up like a recruit solving tasks, and explore the ramparts at Mosede Fort. The construction of Mosede Fort fort was initiated in 1913 and completed in 1916, and the fort was an active part of Denmark's military defense from 1916 to 1922. Make history come to life and let the imagination run free for a day.

Medieval is back
A visit to Esrum Abbey will leave you breath taken from the monumental 850 years old abbey and the beautiful garden – a replica of the medieval gardens - full of medical plants. On June 18-19 medieval times are brought back to life within the beautiful historical settings during Esrum Medieval Fair. You will travel back in time to the heyday of Esrum Abbey when monks inhabited the abbey. Music, stands and shows will help you get in touch with your inner medieval lover.  

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Anne-Sofie Stampe