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Technology and modern society goes hand in hand. From coal fueled plants and steam powered engines to contemporary windmills and electrical cars, the technological development comes with opportunities as well as difficulties. Copenhagen has a great variety of museums where you can learn more about machines, industry, and technology and their role in society throughout times.
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A World Without Smartphones
For our youngest generations, it’s hard to think about a world without smartphones, internet access and fast computers. While the technology behind is fairly new, its impact on the world knows no limit. At the Danish Museum of Science and Technology visitors can dwell into the history of modern Danish society. At the museum you can for example find Denmark’s first car and computer and first handedly see how far we have come today. Technology comes with a darker side though and much of its development has been with the purpose of warfare. Learn about the history of transportation and how we came from wooden aircrafts to advanced jet fighters.

Dieselfueled History
At DieselHouse lovers of motors and machines will feel at home. The museum offers various options to learn more about diesel technology from past to future perspectives. The museum was created to house the big diesel motor B&W2000 from 1933 and occasionally the museum will start the motor for visitors to experience raw diesel power. DieselHouse tells the story about the Danish company B&W, which once was a world leading company in producing diesel motors to large industrial ships. As one of the country’s largest employers, B&W plays an important role in the industrial history of Denmark.

How War Can Form a Nation
War and technology is closely connected. At Royal Danish Arsenal Museum you can experience some of Denmark’s war history from the 1500s till today. Here you will find cannons, weapons, amours and uniforms from different war periods. Housed in Christian IV’s old arsenal from 1604, the museum offers visitors a great opportunity to learn how war can form a nation.

Great Tasting Technology
Technology is more than war and motors luckily and at Carlsberg’s old brewery, you can visit the historic halls where they used to brew ‘probably the best beer in the world’. Treat your tastebuds with a beer tasting or take a trip around the historical buildings in a horse drawn carriage. The old brewery is a great place to learn how nature and technology has been united and constantly improved to brew the perfect beer every time. 

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Nikolaj Høj Kristoffersen